LOVE, Not Just A Four Letter Word…

Pranav and Maya got married and are living in abroad. Small but pretty house with wooden interior and minimal furniture. Warm and Nice, Pranav is a full time trekker, And Maya is working from home since the pregnancy. Even after having a beautiful life, a pretty house and a job which pays more than enough she was not happy. She couldn’t remember the last time when they actually talked to each other, when he touched her or kissed her. But she couldn’t complain, because he was never ready to get married as he wanted to travel all the places in his wishlist and he thought perhaps marriage will just bind him around responsibilities, after she convinced him that he can persue these things after being married too, now there was nothing she could say about it. He was hardly at home, even when he was, he would just play games or watch TV or go out to meet his friends.
She was sulking, she didn’t fell in love with the person who wouldn’t even ask her if she is alright or would just say “I missed you all these days” In that moment she thought everything ended.
Arjun, Maya’s Bestfriend was there with her all the time to make sure every thing is alright as there was some complications with her pregnancy, she would cry talking to him not knowing what to do. It was devastating. One day they both were talking about the circumstances and he was consoling him, Pranav entered through the main door and heard her saying “I can never say this to him, he’ll leave me” and immediatey misunderstod that she cheated on him and came to the living room to confront them. As he saw his hand on her stomach and she was crying he thought of things which were not true and said “how could you do this to me?” she wiped her tears and asked him surprisngly “hey what happened?” He said “I heard every fucking thing, how could you cheat on me with him, all these years you were you sleeping with him and now is this his baby? She said shockingly ” what noo!!!! how can you even think of me something like that” He couldn’t take it and rushed to the door saying “I can’t take this, I am leaving, have a happy fucking life you too” Maya and Arjun both went after him making him understand it was a misunderstanding. Maya was continously calling him, holding his arm trying to stop him, telling him nothing happened, “I don’t want to listen anything” Pranav pushed her unintentionally in rage and she fell on the ground hitting her on the stomach and she shouted in pain. He turned around thinking what did he do and immediately picked her up in his arms to take her upstairs in the bedroom. She fainted immediately. Arjun called the doctor and both were frightened. Doctor gave her some medicine and inform them to let her sleep for a while confirming that nothing happened to her or the baby. They both came downstairs and Arjun started shouting at him. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? We didn’t sleep together, infact I don’t even have feelings for her in that manner. you have no fucking idea how much she loves you and can never even think to cheat on you.” “But I heard you guys saying she can’t tell me otherwise i’ll leave her!” “Did you anywhere heard her saying something which implicates cheating?” “umm no but” ” You wanna know what was it? She is dying from inside, she is all alone, she is managing every fucking thing and you know nothing about it, do you even know there’s a chance of premature delivery which is dangerous for her? but how would you know? you’re way too busy with your wanderlust! ” “But she never told me anything” “When will she? You hardly come for a few days in the whole fucking year and how many times have you asked her how is she? How many times have you actually sat with her and asked how everything was? ” ” I told her to speak to you and she was stubborn to not say anything because when you both were getting married she told you you can persue what you want to and she and the responsibiltites will never come in between. She is way too guilty to tell you to sit back at home for some time and be with her! She still keeps you over everything else and that’s what we were talking about when you came and just got it all wrong” His eyes were filled with tears thinking of what all she faced alone without even letting him know about it. He suddenly realised that those years felt like a regret when his happiness actually was with her, that he could have done all the things and be around her as well. Pranav immediately went upstairs and saw Maya sleeping, tears flooding down his cheeks thinking about the thought, what if he had lost her or his baby. He kissed her cheeks and held her hand apologising and in no time everything went back to normal…




It’s Okay To Be Hurt, It’s Okay To Be Broken…

Hey, It’s Okay…

It’s Okay To Be Hurt…

It’s Okay To Be Broken…!!

You think after your breakup or after a tragedy, your life is over!! No, my friend, this is the beginning of a new YOU!!!

Everything is meant for a reason. It will enhance your way of pursuing something really good in your life. It will make your vision more clear. It will shape up ur life like never before. Just don’t go with the flow make your own path. Focus on not being on the wrong side.

The way will be difficult but trust me the destination will be worth it.

Do not rely on others to be strong, you have to be your own strength. Try staying positive at all times this will help you make yourself a person who embraces almost everything which will eventually help overcome depression.

If you are hurtHurting others is not the solution… U have to let go that phase by thinking positively… No one can understand how hurt you are because no one has trusted that person as you did!

Do good to people around you but never expect them to do the same to you… When they do good to you which was unexpected u will feel good and if they don’t … It won’t hurt you like that kind of behaviour was not expected by you. This is the key to a happy life… Do not expect anything from anyone

Your life depends on the decisions you take so keep in mind that you have to take a firm decision and u have to stick to it no matter what happens after that. You have to be strong in front of others so that others don’t knock you down, you have to hide your weakness and eliminate it by making it your strength.

There are two obstacles to a happy life; Trust and Expectations.

Yes, it’s hard not to trust anyone but u have to… Not everyone is worth trusting… U have to become your own source of happiness you have to stop looking for your happiness in others and try to find that in yourself, yes you have that capability in you, you just have to find it in there…

But even keep in mind, It’s Okay To Be Hurt… It’s Okay To Be Broken…



The Dark Mind Game : Depression

Depression is more of what you think!!

Perhaps there are so many people out there who may be suffering from Depression..yes, “suffering” coz mind me! Depression is a disease which ppl don’t understand

Here are some sketches of the Inner voice of the broken soul taken from the diaries who has gone through it and understood it really well.

Extracted from Adiba Qureshi’s Diary

It’s like you are screaming and no one can hear you. You are the problem. You are always the problem. I stopped worrying about me a long time back. What the hell is wrong with me? Too much!!!! Too much is wrong with me!! I am wrong and there is nothing I can do about it. If I am not hurting myself, I am hurting everyone around me. There is nothing I can do about it. I am broken. Life is a pain! I wake up every morning and I am in pain I go to work in pain you know how many times I wanted to just give up? How many times have I thought about ending it? I am not angry I m in pain. And you put me here, the person who was supposed to love me more than anything. Do I need to calm down? No, I cant! It hurts! Just make it stop! please? it hurts! It hurts so bad I can’t breathe! I need the pain to be gone! How do you keep going when the worst thing has happened? What do you have to change inside to survive? Who do you have to become? I’ve had enough! You broke me… You broke my heart and I hate you… Because I still love you and I hate myself even more for it. How do I feel inside me? I wish I couldn’t feel anything any damn thing. It’s the LONELINESS, I can’t take it…..

And I know only one way to turn it off…



Extracted from Fiza Parkar’s Diary

To explain it, when something tragic happens in your life; your mind falls into a deep world of sorrow, grief, self-pity, anger, a hatred which leads to depression.

Overthinking and overanalyzing situations, thinking abt what should have happened instead of what has already happened leads you to blame urself more and think abt the worst at times.

You hurt yourself to an extent that any pain u experience after that feels numb to your mind…

You feel depressed and sad bcoz of what people think abt you, what are their opinions or rather say judgements abt u…you take their words too seriously and start believing that everything they say is the truth…to an extent that you start hating yourself…one of the main causes of depression is self-hate or you can call it as lack of confidence within you….

Extracted from Rushda Dadnak’s Diary

Behind her pretty smile was a story. The thoughts were orbiting in her head. Her biggest enemy was her “MEMORY”.

The heartbroken into pieces, scattered all the way,  a shattered face, emotions lost, eyes swollen, full of tears, thoughts of giving up life and the flashbacks of infinite questions,,, “WHY this Happened to Me? “, “Have I Done the Biggest mistake of life?”, “WHY Me?”, “WHY only Me?”, “WHYYY?”. The heart screaming louder and louder as if no one in the world heard anything, She was depressed.

This was the time when she was about to give up life, No more to live, she locked herself in a dark room, lonely, her shadow followed her, ‘The Memory’ doesn’t leave her, cried, cried a lot, ‘A Loud cry’ “WHY? “.

“WHY? ” was the biggest question now. Suddenly she stopped crying, “A Silence ” in the room, a long breath, the room lit like the beautiful sun in the dawn, it was drawing her attention, she stood up, her eyes expressed curiosity, the fast-beating heart, uh-hicks were slowly decreasing, eyes stopped shedding tears, hands wiped tears from her face, a courageous look on her face, she could feel the silence with positive vibes, heavenly energy, as if the magic has happened; and she got the answer to the “WHY? “.

She suddenly stood and was wondering, yes! yes! yes! this was the last time she cried and screamed. She didn’t cry again and that answer to the “WHY?” gave a forever bright sunlight to the dark-lonely room. The shadow has now become a mistake that everyone goes through once in the lifetime, the tears have now turned into the tears of happiness. The heart is pure and beautiful like a rose that gives joy and everything changed with a “Y”.

She started recommending everyone to find the answer to their “Y’s”. Because the word “Why” ends with a fabulous letter “Y” encompassing the whole universe in it.



The Girl Who Stays In My Heart.

I started writing so that at least in my words you and I can be us. Trust me you will be in my thoughts and that will become a story.

At times I hear you speaking through my heart… years after separation I came to know the reason why there is no place for anyone…

When you left me, my heart created an imaginary person who is just like you … Not the present you who Is not bothered about me,

the past you who always used to say

‘‘I love you forever’’

My heart created that you in it and she talks to me, comments on my weight, call me ’’motu’’, yells at me when I fall sick, laughs at me cries with me, does everything like you did all those years together.

You are still there with me, you are in my mind, wherever I go you accompany me.

‘‘You are the Voice I hear from my Broken Soul’’.

I wanted to harm myself, my heart started sending weird signals, by now I am convinced that was you.

You loved me, I didn’t have the courage to love you back. You are there within me!

Day of separation and Night of loneliness, For me, there is no other revolution of nights and days.

In the present, I am just a dead body roaming around finding peace, to be honest, I live in those moments spent with you. I still crave to see you.

‘‘The problem with love is it enters our life without knocking and the worst part is our life’s door doesn’t have a peephole’’

I rhyme what I want to say to you and people think I am writing a poem.. anyways I wanted to start a conversation so I am choosing to write and now writing for you went as deep as u are there in my heart…



This letter is to the Bouquet whose Rose was once mine.

Now if you are the protector of her listen!

She likes it! To be praised, to listen, to be proud of her!

She is clueless about the fact that the key to every heart is appraisals.

Initially, every other person who wishes to enter will do the same !! He will pretend to be one of a kind, he will make efforts to come into consideration.

After that person finds a place in there he will be like everyone else, disrespectful of the position she gave her.

Women are not bound to stay within four walls. In past, men were the protector of women but sadly in present time, they need protection from men.

Her Freedom is prisoned inside the knots on her hair!!

She is not alone she has nights to listen to her and days to speak with…

Don’t ever think she is a prey of loneliness!!

You have no idea who she is!

Don’t ever underestimate her u never know how hard it is for her to stay focused when there is no companion.

She is an unpolished diamond and the world is mocking her themselves being just a useless stone.

Praise her make her feel loved then you will realize what love is!

It is a one-way road you cant take a roundabout in between.

Love is a highway where if u apply brakes there are 100% chances of an accident that will lead to lifetime suffering!


Sayyed Reza Ali